Energy Prediction & Management

Software Solutions leveraging the power of simulation-guided AI at the edge or in the cloud.

Solving criticial energy management problems for sustainment of electrified vehicles

With the benefits of battery electric and hybrid vehicles comes one big challenge — managing energy. Our software takes on the challenge enabling smarter, safer and more efficient electrified vehicles that you can depend on.


Accurate Range Prediction


End-of-Route State of Charge


Charge Energy Required


Battery Health Prediction


Dynamic Fleet Optimization


A game changer for commercial and military applications

Let us work with you to develop a solution for your needs. Our modular approach gives you the functionality to solve your energy prediction and management challenges.

Solutions built for real life by real experts

Electrified vehicle energy management requires much more than black-box algorithms. Complex real-life situations like differing terrain, payload, accessories, and more require physics to be considered.

Our team at Exergi Predictive offers a unique combination of expertise to fulfill the promises of electrified vehicles, and to move them into never-before possible applications.


Exergi Predictive partners with JKV Engineering at GVSETS in Detroit!